Melanesian Spirits' Club

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Promote Fasting, Prayers and Praises as Worships to God

Melanesian Peoples are traditional spiritual. We understand and we live with the experience that the ways to approach Spirits are by fasting, by prayers and by dancing and singing, as long as possible, until we experience the presence of the Spirits.

Who is it for?

This club is dedicated for Melanesian Shamans, Melanesian Witches as White Magic and Black Magic practitioners, as well as modern religious prayer groups and prayer movements, as well as Customary Singing and Dancing Festivals and Religious Praise and Worship Events.

Our goal is to see and treat Melanesian Spirituality as a unit of views and practices in connection with Spirit beings that need to be acknowledged, respected and equally protected.

We want to stop and further prevent continuous contradictions between Customary beliefs and modern religious positions on Spirits and Spirituality.

We invite all Melanesians that are called traditional Witch, Shaman or Medicine Man/Woman, as well as modern religious Pastor and Evangelist to participate

We are building Foundations for Melanesian Spirituality in Post Modern Era by incorporating Melanesian approaches and practices of approaching Spirit Beings into modern religious practices in order to allow modern Melanesians become truly modern but religious Melanesians. We want to prevent further white-washing and transformation of Melanesian peoples into Western style Melanesian Christians that practice religions in western and modern ways.  

We are Creating Space for the Most Powerful and Real Spirit to overrule!

The time to blame and brand each other as wrong, bad, good and holy is gone. It is time now to join and cooperate to witness how the Spiritual Powers manifest in and leaf our lives.

The Melanesian Way of Spirituality is inclusive, no separation, no contradiction, no debates. But there is respect to each other; there is understanding of space for each to carry be and to do according to their respective roles and functions.

We are TARGETING Demons as bad spirits that bind and enslave Melanesian Peoples and make all Melanesians become Real Melanesian Peoples: Spiritually Literate and Environmentally Friendly Way of Life and Living!

Our Club Elders

Simson Yikwa

West Papua/ Port Numbay

Simson Yikwa is a Young-Elder of Lani Tribe (of Yikwa-Nimbo Clan Toly region). 

He is the Spirit and Nature Conservation Leader of the West Papua’s Sahabat Alam Melanesia (SALAM) Foundation based in Jayapura (Port Numbay), Western New Guinea.  

Lai Sakita

Vanuatu/ Port Vila

Mr Sakita has been the spokesperson and contact person for all Tribal Elders in Melanesia for more than 20 decades and has been in close communications with other elders across Melanesia.

Fanny Kogoya

PNG/ Port Moresby

Fanny Kogoya, originally from Lani Tribe, New Guinea, now live in Port Moresby.

She is the Director of The Melanesian Spirit and Nature Conservation Inc., a local PNG NGO that promotes the protection of Melanesian Spirits and Nature.

The Proceedings

  1. We identify and invite stories to be told in our “Storylines Club”
  2. The Storylines give us clear clues of the persons we should engage with in our Spirits Club
  3. We ask questions and discuss various issue around Melanesian Spirituality and Melanesian Spirits
  4. We exposes various white-magic, black-magic, sorcery experiences
  5. We expose fasting, prayer and praises activities

The facilities and settings

  1. We invite all Melanesian witches, shamans and kastom man meri from all Melanesian countries;
  2. We invite all Melanesian Tribal Elders who love and speak for their respective clan, villages, islands
  3. We invite all Christian pastors and evangelists who love the Lord and love human beings as His created beings, and those who love nature to join us. 

It is time now to demonstrate to ourselves and to the world that this life is one unit, united as spirit in bodies, inseparable and indistinguishable

Wewo Kotokay invites Melanesia Spirits' Peoples:

I, Wewo Kotokay, invite all Mothers and fathers in Melanesia, who are so far branded or blamed as Black Magicians, White Magicians, Sanguma persons, or Sorcerers. Come and Join me here: email: I know we can end cruel treatments towards spirits’ peoples in Melanesia as form of cruelty against Melanesian shamans who are actually potential in helping us to progress in our journey for centuries to come.

Working hours

Monday- Thursday:8:00-18:30 Hrs
(Phone until 17:30 Hrs)
Friday - 8:00-14:00

We are here

Melanesia Nature and Culture Inc.
PO Box 405, Waigani, Port Moresby,
Phone:+675 78 21 3007
Fax:+44 20 8859 6598

About Us

Mandate: Bring Melanesian Traditional Spirituality into Modern Spirituality and Spiritual Life for the sake of Environmental Protection

Mission: Explore, Document and Map Spirit Hotspots in Melanesia

Vision: Melanesian Spirits become instrumental in Conservation Work across Melanesia.

Contact Us

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  • wa: +675-78213007

Spirit Elders

  • SIMSON YIKWA, Port Numbay, West Papua.
  • FANNY KOGOYA, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
  • LAI SAKITA, Port Vila, Vanuatu