There are two dimensions of Melanesian Spirit Club. The first dimension is the exploration, documentation and mapping of Melanesian spirits based on the storylines. The second dimension is the deepening and reconnection of spiritual live to spirit beings, enlightened beings: God, YHWH. 

It is our intention to facilitate the path towards the journey towards Melanesian Spirituality, by advocating Melanesian Approach of Fast, Pray and Praise to the Spirit Beings, the Object of our worship.

We see God in our own Melanesian eyes, according to what we already knew before modern religions came. 

We communicate by the way of worshipping Him or Her in the way we have been doing for millennia.

We worship in places that we know as Spirit Hotspots.

Melanesian Customs and Spirits

Melanesians are Spiritual Humans, i.e., everything is spiritual, and at the same time, all things are physical. Melanesians do not treat both separately, in the thinking, in talking and in acting. This is different from other human communities around the world.

Modern Religions and Spirits

Modern religions in Melanesia, Christianity and Islam promotes Monotheism, there is only One God, and the others are evils.

In Christianity there is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. There are three persons in One God.

Melanesian Spirit Club

Melanesian spirituality has been at the peak when modernization reached our Islands. 

Melanesian spirituality have never been taught, learned or discussed, because all Melanesians are already in the Spiritual World, in the Paradise. There was no need to explain, to teach and learn about spirituality as other human communities have been doing.