This club is responsible for exploring, organising and documenting the STORYLINES of Melanesian families, clans and ethnic-groups across the Melanesian archipelago.

Melanesia SPIRIT's CLUB (CLUB 03)

This is an exclusive club for Spirits: represented by the Spirits themselves, or Shamans or religious leaders, particularly church leaders in Melanesian region.

Melanesian spiritual peoples as well as those regarded as "witches" and "cult leaders" are invited to join and share.


This club holds discussions on various issues facing Melanesia and Melanesian peoples today, with primary focus on Spirits, Nature, and Culture.
There is wide-range of topics covered: politics, culture, social, environmental, ...


This is a legal debate club.

We organise various debates on hot and contested issues facing Melanesian peoples, particularly to confront, contrast and compare various opinions, experiences and lessons.

Special Attention will be given on Customary Laws, Spiritual Laws and the Laws of Nature, in relation to modern or Positive Nation-Sates Laws


We encourage scientific research and studies exposed and discussed in our club in order to help Melanesians to develop our skills in analyzing,  rationalizing, formulating and promoting the outcome of studies conducted by Melanesian peoples. 

We speak science: theories, rational, and formulas explaining phenomenon and noumenon around our lives. 

We focus particular attention on formulating and rationalizing Melanesian response to Climate Change and Conservation as the Melanesian Way of Conservation. 

The Club studies include reviews and commentary discussions on writings of non-Melanesian scientists


We produce Policy Papers on Various Themes, Issues and Contexts and present the papers to related stakeholders, primarily leaders of Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) Countries.

We provide our analysis, studies and reviews to Melanesian Political, Business, NGOs and Tribal Leaders and also to various parties who live as part of Melanesian family

Policy Papers are produced as a result of discussions, stories and studies conducted in The Clubs, from Club 01 to Club 04, formulated in Club 05.

Choose the perfect CLUB

We invite everyone to join and participate in any of the 3 clubs, however, the Spirit’s club is particularly designed exclusively for shamans, Christian pastors and prayer Evangelists as well as witches and white and black magicians in Melanesia.

We prioritize only Melanesians to join. However, any Melanesian can propose any foreigner to join us, with reasons and accepted by Club Managers. Privileged members are allow for our friends and selected donors.


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What MelanesianS Say

The Melanesian Way by Bernard Narokobi: "Live Well, Love Well, Have Something Good for Every Person, and Die a Happy Death"
Bernard Narokobi
Bernard NArokobi
PNG Lawyer, Melanesian Phylosopher
"The Melanesian Way has the task to rationalize spirit-led living, and to scientifically proof spirits' overarching existence at play."
Wewo Kotokay
The Voice of Narokobi in 21st Century
"Vanuatu is not free until whole Melanesia are free"
Walter Lini
Father Walter Lini
Vanuatu Priest, Founding Father and First Prime Minister of Vanuatu
"My first plan as the President of West Papua after independence is to campaign for shutting down of all weapons factories into foods factories around the world"
Dortheys Hiyo Eluay
Ondofolo DOrtheys Hiyo Eluay
Chair of Papuan Presidium Council, Assassinated by Indonesia on 10 November 2021.