Melanesians are Storylines-Based Individuals, Families, Clans and Tribes. However, many storylines are either deliberately or due to ignorance, being wiped out and replaced by unwanted, un-related and destructive storylines from outside. These alien storylines are imposed into Melanesian peoples to conquer, occupy, steal and rob.

Aligning back our lives with storylines means restoring our live, giving back live to our Melanesia-hood.


Story-tellers in the clans and tribes across Melanesia will be the primary participants.

Custom Story-tellers will be accompanied by Melanesian Conservation Elders in order to direct and package the stories in connection with conservation work across Melanesia.

Stories that are told here will be documented for the sake of conservation work across Melanesia.



  1. To identify themes of stories and storylines are available across Melanesian families, clans and tribes;
  2. To identify how many storytellers are available across Melanesian archipelago;
  3. To formulate and direct the recording and documentation of the storylines.
  4. To join all bits and pieces of the stories into one full storyline of Melanesian peoples


  1. The host will organise the scredule;
  2. The host officially opens the Online Meeting
  3. The host hands over to moderator of the meeting and chair the meeting.
  4. The Moderator announces the topics, themes and rules of the story-telling.
  5.  Participants start their stories, by first of all submitting their titles or themes, then moderator organizes the stories.


  1. The Story of Creation;
  2. The Story of Babylon;
  3. The Story of Flood (Noah);
  4. The Story of Salvation;
  5. The Story of punishment by unseen Being.
  6. The Stories of Specific
    1. Spirits,
    2. Plants,
    3. Animals,
    4. Matter,
    5. Land-/Sky-/Sea-Scapes
  7. Current stories


We are Melanesian Elders that dedicate our work for Conservation in Melanesia, therefore, we are fully aware that story-telling and storylines are the most valuable assets that all families, clans, and tribes have across the archipelago.

THEREFORE, we will be always mindful of WHAT to tell and WHAT NOT to tell. This is the top and upmost principle that we inherently aware and will always keep in mind during our work.

There will be three layers or classification of storylines:

Layer 1: Outer Layer - Common Story

These are common stories that can be told by anyone to any person, everywhere, and therefore can be shared to the world.

Layer 2: Cover Layer - Melanesian Story

the stories that are kept and told within each family, clan and tribes, exclusively, cannot be shared to anyone.

Layer 3: Inner Story - Exclusive Story

These stories that are kept and told within each family, clan and tribes, exclusively, cannot be shared to anyone.