This Club Belongs to the Spirits. And we humans are here to acknowledge, present and interact as the path to "World 5": A World where Spirit and Physical Worlds organically and playfully dance in harmony

“Spirits” here means all spirits: (1) modern and traditional, (2) religious and custom, (3) geographical and objects, (4) ancestral and current, (5) human and non-human, (6) bad or good, … all inclusive. 

We prevent and do our best to mend modern separation of spirits, spirituality, religion and physical reality. We treat all as a unit of life, reality that is seen and unseen, felt and unfelt, heard and unheard, recognised and unrecognised.

Activities of Melanesian Spirits' Club

Melanesian Conservation Elders are invited to commune and converse various information and dynamics of the spirits today and future trend of spirits’ activities.

  1. mention or list spiritual phenomena,
  2. elaborate and analyze spiritual phenomena developing in life today
  3. relate those spiritual phenomena with the past
  4. relate those spiritual phenomena with the future.

Participants of Melanesian Spirits' Club

  1. Religious leaders, particularly prayer warriors who practice fast, praise and praise as normal religious life.
  2. Tribal Elders, particularly Shamans
  3. Traditional Magicians (Black and White)
  4. Conservation Elders who are involved in Conservation across Melanesia as explained in

Purpose of Melanesian Spirits' Club

  1. To map Spirits and Spiritual Phenomena;
  2. To understand the backgrounds and possible aims of the phenomena;
  3.  To participate by welcoming/ allowing, negotiating, interfering and/ or changing the operations of the spirits;
  4. To collectively engineer the future operations of the Spirit for sustainable and simply joyful life on Earth.

Melanesian peoples have been collectively aware and live with full awareness that life has more things to do with Spirits and that therefore physical reality is the projection of spiritual realms, both inter-related and inter-dependent as life.

The Club Managers

This club is hosted by Melanesian Friends of Nature (Sahabat Alam Melanesia – SALAM) based in Port Numbay, West Papua.

Elder Samson Yikwa

The Spirit-Led Conservation Coordinator for West Papua (Papua and Papua Barat Provinces, Indonesia)

Elder Atinus Uaga

Director of SAPA (Lembaga Sahabat Alam Papua), based in Sentani, Jayapura Regency, West Papua.


Chair of Melanesian Conservation Council of Elders, based in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.