Hello world! Hello Melanesia!

This is Wewo Kotokay Speaking, to all my fellow Melanesians, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, children and grandchildren. I am speaking to all ancestors of Melanesian peoples, who started our journey from the Four King-Islands in Western New Guinea to Wallis-Futuna Islands on the eastern end.

I am an elder from Walak Tribe, and I have been based in Port Moresby since 2010. I haven been speaking for my tribe since 1998.

In 2004, I was awarded a “Kotokay” rank by Tanna Elders in Vanuatu, and since then I have been using the name “Kotokay”, or the “roof” of a human building called “Melanesia”.

For more than 10 years I have been travelling across Asia in order spread what I call “The Good News from Melanesia”. An starting from 2020, I am based in Port Moresby, to spread the same Good News to my awn tribes in Melanesia: From the Four Kings in West Papua to Wallis-Futuna Islands in the eastern part of Melanesia.

I am based in Port Moresby right now with one mission: to set up The Melanesian Way Centre for World Conservation.

I want us Melanesians to wake up and stand out to the world, teach the world how we Melanesians carry out conservation work; how our Melanesian ancestors looked after life.

I want us Melanesians to stand up and speak out that we Melanesians know how to look after the nature, because we have proofs of our forests still stay green, our waters still stay blue before and right now, which will be destroyed due to modernisation processes flooding into our lives and places.

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